Innovative ways to spend quality time with your child indoors

For most of us, carving quality time to be with our child is a challenge. It is a commitment we make to ourselves and our child and we constantly find the need to be intentional about it. More often than not, work schedules, bad weather or even just unexpected circumstances make planning “outdoor together times” difficult. A walk, a cycling trip, a movie at the theatre, time in the children’s play area or even a drive to the nearby library are not possible options. What do you do then?

Well, that’s your opportunity to make indoor time together exciting, fun and totally worth every moment! Here are a few innovative ways to engage and fascinate your child:

  1. An indoor treasure hunt: Transform your home into a treasure island. Children love challenges. It is not just the promise of the treasure they will find at the end, but the entire process which encourages them to think, plan, imagine and ideate.

What you need: A couple of hours of planning. An interesting “treasure”. A list of well-laid-out clues. See your children enjoy the fun!

  • Plan a date: Children are quick to appreciate efforts to make time together interesting. If this “date” is planned (perhaps a theme, a special outfit, or a favorite cuisine) there is a sense of anticipation and build-up to the actual time.

What you need:A free spot on your calendar. Your child’s favorite food/outfit or character from a story as a theme. Look your best. Make memories together!

  • Mega-piece puzzles: Psychologists vouch for puzzles as effective mind-benders, involving multiple brain activity. Organize a joint puzzle-time project with your child. Have a dedicated space for it either on a table or a rug in the corner of the playroom. It can get intense and addictive – so do throw in some fun food and juices to keep it upbeat.

What you need: A 500 –700 piece puzzle of an interesting scenery or favorite Disney character. An allocated table/mat. Some snacks and beverages. What a picture of fun!

  • Paint-a-wall project: When children are given an activity with an attached responsibility, they tend to take it more seriously. It makes them feel important, trusted and competent. Painting a wall is immensely fun and also significant, being a part of the house. This could be a project that requires more than a couple of days to do together.

What you need: A plan or idea for the wall. Paints, paintbrushes and other required paraphernalia. Painting overalls/clothes for you and your child. You’re in it together!

  • Handmade presents for an orphanage: Creating opportunities for your child to understand the world we live in is important. Planning a project which involves art and craft work to make presents for other children could have many benefits. Get your child on board with the idea of giving, sharing love and being generous.

What you need: An idea for arts and crafts. Materials required to make gifts. A loving and patient heart. Watch your child grow in beautiful ways!

  • Joint fitness project: Teaching children the importance of staying fit and healthy from their formative years, sets the stage for a life-long approach to overall health. When you can make this a ‘together time’ it’s a win-win all the way!

What you need: Space for a couple of Arihant Playtime™ fitness equipment pieces. An easy and interesting fitness schedule. Some great music. It’s a unique and healthy bonding opportunity!

  • Grow an indoor garden: Encouraging children to plant, garden and grow things instills in them a sense of fulfillment and pride. It also teaches patience and care. The added benefits are that it can make a pretty picturesque balcony or garden space.

What you need: A green idea. Gardening tools, pots, seeds/plants. Welcome a greener future.

  • Scrap book project: This is bound to be an ongoing activity which your child can keep coming back to. Scrap books are a great way of encouraging your children to collect stories from their own lives and even from family and friends, record events and important occasions, take photographs or even paint them up. Most importantly, a scrap book is a creative collage of the different worlds they experience and grow up in.

What you need: Arts and crafts materials. Scrap books. Photographs and pictures. Interesting ideas and suggestions. Watch out for pieces of stunning art!

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