Making Stay at Home Fun for Kids in COVID-19

Are running out of ideas to keep your children happily occupied during work hours? For parents working from home, managing kids along with work can be a tough task. With schools shut down, a proper plan needs to be in place to keep the children engaged, happy, and productive. So how can parents achieve this work-life balance, without affecting your work priorities or compromising on your child’s development?

We have compiled a few handy tips that can help you get through these unprecedented, chaotic, and confusing times:

 1. Scheduling the Suitable Playtime

Make a mental note of certain hours when your workload peaks, when your productivity is optimal, or when you cannot afford distractions. Using this information, fix these hours as the prime playtime for your kids. Keep aside some favorite toys and games to be exclusively used during these hours.

You could also set up a dedicated play area with a variety of fun engaging playtime toys. If continuous supervision isn’t an option, you can also set up a webcam for remote supervision. Make sure that the play area is hygienic and safe for your kid to plays alone there

2. Enrol in Online Activity Classes

Remove special time to try to understand the interest and hobbies of your kids. Once you know what they’re inclined towards, you can enroll them in different activity e-classes such as art and craft, music classes, cooking classes, dance classes, etc. You can give them a challenge to complete based on what they have learned in the activity class. This will allow them to channelize their energy while doing something creative and productive.

You make use of audio and video apps, where children’s stories are shared in a fun and engaging way. There are many study apps too, that make learning fun. What’s more, they could take up physical activity e-classes to keep their bodies active.

3. Setup a Creative Workstation at Home

Gather some paper sheets, glue, tapes, kid-friendly scissors, glitter, craft kits, etc, and set up a creative space for your kids.Load this area with lots of craft supplies and encourage your kid to create something new every day using those supplies. You could choose fun tasks for your child like creating a simple cutout or anything of his/her choice.

Throw in some puzzles, or other challenging games in that space to keep your child engaged at all times. By preparing a list of art and craft, or other indoor activities for the day or the entire week in advance, you can find time to focus on your work and keep your little one occupied.

4. Take Help of Technology

Allot a time to your kids in which they can play video games or watch their favorite shows or movies. Letting them indulge in technology can provide respite to the parents during such crucial times but make sure screen time is limited and not encouraged for longer durations. For instance, when an unplanned conference meeting comes up, you can count on gadgets to engage your kids. Since playdates are out of the question, your kids can have an online party where they can interact with their friends through a video conference call.

Working from home in the company of your kids can be an excellent opportunity for you to connect with your child. With the help of proper and regular communication with kids, you can help them in understanding what is expected out of them during your work hours. When it comes to spending time with your child, focus on quality rather than quantity. With clear communication and understanding, you will be able to achieve what you want and that is making your child feel loved.

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