Can your products be customized?

We offer a perfect blend of technical expertise, precision in manufacturing and high levels of Innovation. We have a dedicated design team that develops innovative designs using 3D programs. Owing to this most of our Multi Activity Play System can be customized for you according to your preferences, requirements and constraints. Our Play Consultants would be happy to assist you in designing your Dream Play Structure.

Do you have any representatives?

We have one of the widest distribution networks in the industry, both domestic and global. We have over 170 Play Consultants and Business Associates who represent us to our clients.

What material is used to manufacture the products?

We choose materials that are safe, durable and of a reputed make from reliable suppliers. We also take raw material quality test certificate from our suppliers. All our products pass through a formal Quality Control department to ensure consistent quality levels. Our play systems consist of three base materials Galvanized steel pipes, FRP – Fibre glass Reinforced Plastics made up of top quality polyester resin and virgin quality standard glass. Rotational moulded plastic made up non-ageing, food grade and non-toxic materials with UV stabilizers.

Do the products rust?

Our products are manufactured using only Galvanized steel pipes. This ensures that chances of rusting are minimal. Since we understand your needs, the major raw material that we use is plastics that are rust free inherently. In addition to that, proper and timely maintenance makes sure that the products stay in best play conditions.

How safe are your products?

We have always considered ‘safety’ in our products as the single most important factor. To make sure that the product we provide adhere to the highest safety levels, we take it into consideration right from the stage where our product is conceived. A testimony to this is that our panel members represent the Bureau of Indian Standards to formulate safety standards in India for the industry.

Do the products fade in colour?

Outdoor playground equipment are constantly exposed to harsh sunlight, rain, dust etc. that may result in colour fading. Knowing this, we use a mixture of special chemicals that reduce the fading time once the maintenance is provided.

What is general a delivery time and mode?

Delivery time may depend on the product chosen, for understanding the exact delivery time, please get in touch with our Play consultants. The mode of transport is selected depending on our client’s location and advice. We generally use roadways for domestic deliveries and waterways for international deliveries.