Important Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for School Playgrounds

It is important for school administrators to review playground maintenance regularly with staff. This not only ensures child safety, but proper maintenance of play equipment will improve its longevity. This is especially true during the pandemic when most schools are closed and the playgrounds are left unattended.

Proper upkeep includes installing the right equipment, designating a maintenance committee, and creating a maintenance schedule to keep the school playground clean. This blog will provide you with essential maintenance tips and more.

Let us first understand the benefits of having a cleaning and maintenance routine.

1) Reduces the Likelihood of Injuries when School Reopens

When your school reopens, students will start frequently using the playground. Their interaction with equipment could subject them to germs. Also, it could increase the chances of injuries. Having maintenance and cleaning schedule will mitigate these issues.

2) Lengthens the Playground’s Lifespan

Playground equipment is an investment, and school playgrounds can last many years with proper maintenance. Regular inspections and visual examinations can also protect the playground from vandalism.

3) Keeps Your Playground Safe & Hygienic

The main goal of the maintenance and cleaning routine is to ensure the area is safe and hygienic. By not checking for hazards, you could expose your students to a harmful environment.

Tips to Maintain a School Playground

1) Decide who will be responsible for maintenance: Hire a service or designate a committee, or look for a local service provider who can inspect the playground on a monthly basis.

2) Have equipment installed & inspected by certified professionals: Hire only certified professionals and reputed brands when it comes to purchasing and installing play equipment. Ensure that they can confirm there is enough space for each piece of equipment and that it works correctly.

3) Install a fence and protective barrier: By installing protective barriers and having alarm systems, you can lower maintenance costs that are related to vandalism, graffiti, and incorrect use of your play equipment.

4) Install shade structures: Shade structures like canopies can help reduce UV damage to the equipment. This can lower some maintenance costs such as paint fades caused by sunlight.

5) Understand local weather: If you live in an area that has more rainfall in the year, then it’s best to opt for play equipment made of durable plastic instead of metal or wood. Plastic play equipment also doesn’t degrade during cold weather or humid climate.

Tips to Clean School Playgrounds

1) Cleaning: Opt for play equipment-safe soaps and sprays that can clean the equipment surfaces. Inspect for visible dust, dirt, substances, and scrub till there is no trace remaining.

2) Deep-clean: After the cleaning stage, use a non-toxic cleaning product that is safe for play equipment. This will ensure there are no germs on the playground.

3) Disinfecting: Lastly, use disinfectants to remove remaining germs, fungi, bacteria, or viruses from the playground equipment.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this article. If you are planning to reopen your school once the pandemic resolvers, and are looking for a durable playground to welcome kids, then get in touch with us. At Arihant Play, we have 35+ years of experience when it comes to creating safe and innovative play equipment and playground accessories. We look forward to hearing from you!

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