4 Important Reasons to Get Back to the Playground

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have really understood the value of heading outdoors and outdoor play. Kids are now substituting their playground time with tablets and smartphones. The lack of physical activity is also slowly giving rise to unhealthy habits, which might inevitably lead to health problems in the future.

It is time for your kids to switch from smart phones to outdoor play. You can help by taking them back to the nearest playground. Keep in mind to follow COVID-related safety guidelines before stepping out with your kids. You can also check out our recent blog on what you, as a parent, can do to ensure safety while heading to the playground.

Let us now understand why outdoor games are very important for your children and why they need to get back to the playground.

1) Helps to Relieve Stress

Many kids can easily get stressed and anxious due to the current pandemic situation. They might be worried about their friends, family, and their inability to grasp the pandemic can confuse them even more.

This is where outdoor play comes in. Not only will it help them be relieved from stress but it will also help them overcome harsh situations. With a wide variety of playground equipment like slides, swings, climbers, jungle gyms, you will find your kids happier, excited, and engrossed in play. These play equipment will also lift their mood, boost confidence and motivate them. In fact, they are designed to improve the physical and mental health of kids.

2) Improves Immunity & Motor Skills

Regular outdoor play can help reduce obesity, help kids develop strength, and improve their immunity. It can also improve sleep quality in kids, which is another key factor for having a good immune system.

When it comes to improving motor skills, outdoor play can help kids improve their flexibility, movement, and balance. Playground equipment like monkey bars and climbers are excellent for developing upper-body strength. Whereas, equipment like spring riders can help kids develop their core muscles, thereby improving coordination.

3) Time for a Digital Detox

For most kids, tablets and smartphones have become an outlet for play. Excessive screen time can lead to eye problems, and affect their communication skills. In the long run, it may also hamper their social skills, making them withdrawn from other kids.

What’s more, since excessive screen usage makes kids passive and lethargic, it can make them reluctant towards physical activities. This has a direct correlation to health problems such as obesity.

The best solution to this is a digital detox and removing time for outdoor play. This way, they will be connected to other kids instead of smartphones and be indulged in physical activities.

4) Better Critical Thinking Skills

Interacting with playground equipment and other kids have proven to improve critical thinking in children. This is because outdoor play involves the use of imagination, and it pushes kids to work on their problem-solving capabilities.

Playing with themed playground equipment will also help them become more creative. In the long run, all these skills add up to learning how to handle different kinds of situations in a smart manner, which is essential in adulthood.

We hope the next time you find your kids spending too much time on screens, you encourage them to head to a playground. You will start noticing a great improvement in their overall mood, health, and emotions.

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