Product Code : FGPGEQCV02
Product Area (feet) : 1.1M X 0.35 M
Technical Specifications:
Metal Frame : Metal frame made up of Galvanized iron Rectangular tubes of 50X35X1.2 mm, 35X25X1.2 mm and 25X25X1.2 mm thickness provide enough strength to stable the mechanism
Pedal link : Pedal link made up of dia 10 mm rod attched with plates use to press the pedal with foot let sanitizer out of bootle to wash hand
Powder coating : It shall be done with pure polyester raw material. Dry film Thickness maintained within the range of 40-60 microns.it is tested for adhesion test (According to ASTM-D-3359) with the help of cross hatch cutter instrument.
All open ends of pipe been closed by GI / PVC caps for user safety against entrapment.
Certificate : ISO9001:2015
Packaging : Safety 3 layer packaging like 1st EPE Foam 2nd HDPE Film and 3rd is Stretch wrap.
Sanitizer Drop is available in Gray , Ivory, and Badge colou