Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility and its growing significance in today’s time reflect a world that expects corporations to focus beyond just earning profits. Businesses are expected to be accountable for their actions and act in a way that contributes positively to society.

CSR initiatives are not just limited to “doing good”; they need to be strategically aligned with the company’s business model. These initiatives narrate the company’s story, position the organization as a leader on social issues, and enhance the brand image among other benefits.

How ArihantPLAY Helps

ArihantPLAY is a brand that aims to make the children, the community, and our nation a happy place. Regardless of the industry your business belongs to, starting a CSR initiative that contributes to the growth and development of children from all walks of life will be well-received.

Happy Kids


Nothing makes kids happier than PLAYing. Along with being a great channel for their bubbling energy levels, PLAY is also an integral part of their overall personal and social development. What’s more, we have an inclusive range that comes with equipment that is accessible to all children including the ones with special needs.

Happier Communities


Researched has shown that Happier kids grow up to be Happier adults. They are more equipped to handle the stress, uncertainty, and competition in the adult world. And have you ever watched kids play? Just watching them makes us happier!

Contributing to Your Social Responsibilities

To help you meet your CSR goals, ArihantPLAY offers different packages that can be customized based on your requirements.

CSR: Garden Package 1

(Benefits: 1 Garden, 20 People)

CSR: Garden Package 2

(Benefits: 1 Garden, 25 People)

CSR: Garden Package 3

(Benefits: 1 Garden, 30 People)

CSR: Garden Package 4

(Benefits: 1 Garden, 40 People)

CSR: Garden Package 5

(Benefits: 1 Garden, 50 People)

CSR Multiple Quantity Product Options