Top 4 Physical Development Benefits that Playgrounds Offer

Kids who spend a lot of time being active in their early years are more likely to be active as they grow up. This is where playgrounds come in. They offer incredible benefits to the physical development of kids, both in early childhood and school years. Moreover, playgrounds have a direct impact on the child’s physical strength, weight, and ability to deal with illnesses. Let us proceed by understanding the top four physical development benefits that playgrounds offer.

 1) Improved Motor Skills

Children have an instinct to swing, jump, run and throw. It comes naturally to them and plays an important role in developing their physical strength. Playgrounds encourage their instincts and enhance their motor skills. They allow kids to put their physical abilities to the test.

Playground equipment is designed to strengthen kids’ bodies and help them become more confident with their movements. They also play a huge role in developing agility, coordination, and balance. What’s more, children who play on playgrounds are more likely to look forward to physical activities such as running, walking, swimming and biking.

 2) Lower Body Mass Index

Did you know that India ranks second highest in the world when it comes to childhood obesity? According to a study, 14.4 million Indian children have excess weight. One of the reasons for this dramatic rise is because kids are spending less time outside and more time in front of a computer, television, or smartphone.

Another research pointed to a direct correlation between the body mass index (BMI) of a child and the amount of time they were active outside. The longer the child played outside, the lower their BMI. Kids at playgrounds are likely to burn more calories as it involves running, climbing and jumping.

3) Improved Overall Health

As mentioned above, playgrounds help burn calories and lower the child’s risk of becoming overweight. Due to this, the risk of having diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and sleep apnea is greatly reduced.

Playgrounds also benefit children with ADHD as it gives them an outlet to release energy. Furthermore, playgrounds offer exposure to sunlight, which is vital in strengthening the immune system, developing healthy bones and improving mood.

4) Improved Muscle Strength

Have you noticed as you push your child in a swing, they are engaging all their muscles? It is in those moments they figure out how to sit, balance, hold and follow the movement of the swing. What most parents think as a monotonous and repetitive activity, ends up becoming the primary reason for building muscle strength. A playground is no more different than a gym that adults join to stay fit. The only difference being, playgrounds are a gym for kids that help engage and strengthen muscles.

There is no doubt that playgrounds encourage outdoor play in kids and help them develop their physical strength. The major positive outcome is that it helps children build a healthy attitude that will be carried onto their adult years.

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