The Pandemic Guide to Parenting – 5 Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Stress

Social interaction and outdoor activity are essential for the psychological development of kids. However, due to the current pandemic situation, outdoor activity for kids has been restricted to quite some extent.

Children now end up spending more time in their homes, wondering why they can’t see their friends and when will they get to play outside. Without friends, schools, and schedules, your kids could be experiencing complex emotions, and they could be struggling with things they cannot describe. Also, the realization that their loved ones can fall sick can cause them to worry.

As parents, it can be tough to help your kids understand why the world has changed. If you have started to notice signs of stress in your children, here is what you can do to help.

1) Provide Ample Reassurance

During such times, your kids need ample reassurance. They may feel anxious and worried about seeing their grandparents or relatives hospitalized. You, as a parent, must do everything to reduce your kids’ anxiety. The best way to do that is by listening to what they have to say, comforting their worries, and reassuring them that everything will be fine. Also, observe any early signs of panic or agitation and do your best to make them feel safe and secured.

2) Maintain a Routine

If the prolonged lockdown has also led to odd sleeping hours, late-night snacking, and binge-watching, it’s time to set a routine for your kids.

By setting a routine, they can be more focused on their daily routine tasks and maintain discipline. You can help them with their homework, ensure proper eating timings, and get them involved with basic exercises such as pushups, crunches, and squats so that they do not gain rapid weight.

To keep them physically active, you can also take them to a nearby playground and have them play with the playground equipment. However, make sure to follow COVID-related safety guidelines before heading outdoors.

3) Praise and Flexibility Will do Wonders

As a parent, you must set limits, but if your kids demand an extra hour of watching their favorite show, allow that. Do ensure that limits are discussed, fine-tuned, and negotiated to your little one’s needs. However, make sure that they are involved with different tasks and activities during the day. And when they do complete their daily tasks, notice and praise them. Applauding their efforts is bound to reinforce good behaviors. Keep in mind to avoid constant correction as frequent criticism can hamper your children’s developing self-esteem.

4) Togetherness Helps

If you are working from home, this is an ideal time to be involved in various activities together. Find activities that help your kids connect with you and create more room for learning and having fun together. You can teach them how to bake cookies and enable them to assist you while preparing yummy dishes.

Another way to spend quality time is by watching movies together, reading their favorite books, building fort blankets, and dancing to songs. Being involved in activities that instill a sense of togetherness can be a foundation for developing trust, love, and open communication between you and your kids.

5) Indulge in Art

Virtual classes are not something kids are used to and can put pressure on pre-adolescent children. Their little mind is not capable or evolved enough to process the amount of information they are receiving through online lectures. They need hands-on teaching and in-person attention, something that virtual classes can’t offer.

To ease off the pressure, it is best to indulge them in calming activities such as art. Throw in some paints, crayons, pencils, and let your kids run wild with their creativity and imagination. This will help them stay calm, focused, and develop self-expression.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this article. Remember, the aim here is to help them distress and provide them with ample space, patience, love, and reassurance. The above-mentioned points will enable you to provide your kids with just that!

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