The playground should be a fun place for kids, but sometimes injuries occur on playgrounds even though adults in a playground usually accompany children. Children are still susceptible to several hazards and that makes playground safety of great importance, especially when you have children of all ages coming in.

In this blog, we address the key playground safety questions that you should be asking when you are building a playground. These include:

Does the playground have enough room for the playground structures?

While in the planning stage, you should list down the playground structures that you want to include and you ask yourself if you have enough room. The area of the playground should be large enough to accommodate the play equipment that you are planning to put inside. The play equipment may include a monkey climb, swing sets, slides, and a lot more. Additionally, all of these structures should also follow some safety guidelines. Make sure there is adequate space between the arrangements and equipment to avoid any accidents. It is integral to include such safe use zones.

Which age groups will be using the playground?

Another important factor to take into account is the age group of children who will play on the playground.Designing the playground and choose equipment as per that is important. Specific structures and equipment are suitable for kids that are older than 10. For instance, a steep slide would be appropriate for kids over 10. Similarly, small individual structures are apt for kids between 2 to 5.

Another integral aspect is to group the structures meant for a particular age group, in designated areas. For instance, choose one designated area for children aged 5 and less. Here, all the structures should be for children belonging to this age group.

Is there enough safety surfacing?

A critical element that plays an integral role in the safety of a playground is the playground surfacing. This is the surface or the ground of a playground. Children tend to fall a lot while playing and a floor that offers maximum cushioning and safety is ideal. Therefore a soft grassy surface could be a great solution to this problem. Similarly, for younger kids, it helps to use distinctive surfaces. These surfaces are reasonably thick so that the impact of a fall could be minimized.

Don’t hesitate to ask an expert what type of surfacing is best for your playground needs. Today, most of the new playgrounds make use of rubber surfacing, which is far safer because of the friction it offers plus the high durabilityit promises. Moreover, there are several fun color options that you can choose from to match your playground’s color scheme and theme. Contact as at ArihantPLAY and we will get you in touch with experts to help you make the best choice to suit your playground needs.

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