How Playground Equipment Helps with Motor Skill Development

How Playground Equipment Helps with Motor Skill Development (2)

Playgrounds are great for developing fine motor and gross skills in children. It is at playgrounds that kids have the opportunity to climb, swing, slide, and more while they develop and stretch their muscles and muscle groups.

Kids also have the opportunity to develop abilities like mental skills or dexterity, which can aid in tasks like drawing and writing. Playgrounds are also essential for motor skills and provide tons of thrills in the process.

Let us first understand what motor skills are.

What are Motor Skills?

Motor skills are capabilities that we use each day to complete numerous tasks. Motor control begins to develop after birth and keeps developing through childhood. Motor skills can be divided into two major groups: Gross and fine. Both are vital for development and growth.

Gross motor control involves bigger muscle groups like legs, arms, and torso. These abilities encompass larger movements like jumping, climbing, and walking. Hand-eye coordination is also a part of gross motor skills, for instance – learning to throw and catch a ball.

Fine motor skills involve using small muscle groups like fingers, hands, and wrists. For instance, picking an item using fingers, drawing, writing, pushing buttons, typing on the keyboard, playing with toys.

Motor Skill Development on the Playground

Slides: Climbing steps and ladders on a slide can help kids with balancing and learning how to shift their weight. When sliding down, kids can learn how to position their bodies and work on control and balance.

Swings: When kids use the swings, their feet are off the ground and their body is in motion. This motion can help children work on coordination and balance. When kids propel themselves on the swing, they can learn to coordinate and sequence body parts to control the movement of swings.

Tubes: When kids crawl through playground tubes, children can work on their coordination and core strength. Crawling tubes also allows kids to practice different types of movements and be creative.

Climbing Features: Playground equipment that comes with climbing features can help strengthen the upper body, legs, fingers, and arms. They offer an excellent workout for kids, and they can learn how to work on balance and coordination.

Monkey Bars: They are great for hand upper body and hand strength. They can also help kids develop coordination and sequencing skills.

Spring Riders: Spring riders have themed appearances like an animal, car, or motorcycle. They can help kids with learning how to move, improving balance, developing core muscles and coordination. They also help improve balance.

See-Saws: With see-saws, kids can practice coordination, sequencing, and balancing all at the same time. See-saws also require kids to work together to move the equipment, which helps build teamwork skills and adds another layer of coordination practice.


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