How Motion in Play Helps in the Overall Development of Kids

When it comes to contemporary playground design, there is a lot more that goes into it than you would realize. Did you know that each component of a playground is geared towards physical fitness, developing social and emotional skills, and learning how to solve problems?

The movement accompanied by the excitement that kids experience when climbing visually engaging structures or sliding down a slide is all a vital aspect of quality playground design. Let us look at how playground equipment helps engage in movement and aid in the overall development of children.

Climbing Activities

Have you ever looked at an enticing playground structure and had doubts about climbing it? Most adults may pause and overthink the success of their climb. Kids on the other hand, simply go at it without judging their attempt and tackle the climb easily. How can they do this? For kids, the exciting part of climbing is the challenge and uncertainty of their ability to tackle it.

By adding a climbing structure to your park, you will make experiential learning and outdoor fitness, an essential part of children’s lives. It will not only stimulate kids to undertake physically challenging exercises but will also reward them with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Exhilarating Slides

For kids, slides are one of the main attractions of any playground. That is because they love the thrill of climbing to the top and the rush of sliding down. Standing at the top of the slide can be one of the most memorable moments for children.  It builds their sense of courage and adventure. Playground slides offer kids a high-speed, exhilarating experience and are a huge confidence booster. That is why you will often see them repeat trips down the slides in the park.

Swing and Spin

Learning about the surrounding and the zeal to push themselves physically in the playground, is why kids love to play with commercial playground equipment. Structures such as a swing can provide kids with unique and fun play activity. When they use their body to push and swing, they gain a first-hand understanding of cause and effect.

Playground equipment that is designed to provide a spinning movement, instill a sense of challenge and excitement in kids. As children learn how to push and hold to enjoy the speed of the spinning equipment, they learn how to balance and develop hand-eye coordination.

Upper Decks and Bridges

Have you ever used blankets and household furniture to build forts with your kids? Some features of playground equipment, such as tall top decks, sliding poles, balance beams, and bridges capture a similar kind of imagination that is used while playing fort. When kids pretend the playground structure to be a plane, ship, castle, or fort, they are engaging in something knowns as creative or pretend play. Many cognitive studies have stated that critical life skills can be developed and learned while engaged in creative play on the playground.

In conclusion, installing playground equipment will be immensely beneficial to the development of kids and your community as a whole. It will provide a go-to place for every parent and child and provide a challenging and exciting place for kids at each developmental stage.

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