How ArihantPLAY can Help You Fulfil Your CSR Responsibilities

Some of our fondest childhood memories are of the endless hours we spent at playgrounds running around, swinging, sliding, climbing, and of course, falling. What we didn’t quite realize back then was how all these activities were incredibly important for our growing body. Playgrounds aren’t merely places where children go to have fun. They are vital for children and enhance their basic cognitive skills, teach them problem solving, reasoning, dexterity, and so much more.

What if we told you that you could help children experience the same joy? ArihantPLAY offers you an excellent chance to make a difference in the lives of underprivileged children. Working towards the betterment of children, who are the future of our nation, is a worthy CSR objective for companies regardless of the industry they belong to.

The Cause: Fighting Childhood Obesity

Did you know that childhood obesity in India has been on a steady rise and is approaching dangerous levels? By 2030, it is estimated that India will have over 27 million obese children, making us the nation that has the second-highest number of obese children. Many factors like lesser levels of physical activities and unhealthy eating habits are responsible for this dangerous trend.

Childhood obesity has adverse effects on health and is known to negatively affect productivity and educational performance. It also increases the risk of various noncommunicable diseases like heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol, and more. In fact, over 10% of Indian children are prediabetic.

Benefits of a CSR Campaign Involving Playground Equipment

To address the childhood obesity crisis, Prime Minister Modi launched the Fit India Movement earlier this year on National Sports Day. This movement encourages families to make time for fitness in their everyday life. By donating playground equipment to local parks, you can proudly take part in this movement.



Well-equipped playgrounds offer many benefits to children as well as the community along with tackling childhood obesity. These playgrounds can:

  • Help in the physical and mental growth of children
  • Play helps in growing creativity and imagination
  • Helps in community building
  • Aid bonding between parents, grandparents, and children through play
  • Help children build social skills and make new friends
  • Act as a socializing space for parents and grandparents


How Arihant PLAY Can Help


In addition to doing social good, a successful CSR campaign needs to tell the company’s story, position the company as a leader on social issues, and measure the impact of the initiatives taken. Remember, if your corporate citizenship efforts do not demonstrate value to the community, customers, shareholders, and employees, they are less likely to serve a long-term purpose.



At Arihant PLAY, we can help you launch innovative, brand-connected, socially influential projects that will help you generate a powerful impact. Being India’s largest play environment company, we have various CRS Garden Packages designed to meet any requirements and parameters. What’s more, we have an entire range of equipment that is designed to make playgrounds inclusive for children with varying abilities.

If you need any assistance planning your next CSR campaign, simply get in touch with our experts using the details given on our contact page.


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