Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Surface Material For Your Playground

Selecting a playground surface is not an easy task. It does involve research and understanding of how kids interact with the playground surface and play equipment. An expert opinion is needed in this field before making any decisions.

This is where ArihantPLAY comes in. We are here to help you make the right decision when it comes to playground surfaces. The type of surface you choose depends on various factors. They include the types of games played, the psychology of play, the safety of kids, and so on.

To help you gain a better understanding, we have listed some vital factors to consider before choosing a playground surface.

  1. Traction of the Surface

One of the most important factors to be aware of is surface tension. The playground surface must provide traction during the rainy and summer seasons. Good traction will increase the safety of children and minimize the chances of injuries.

  1. Fall Height

Kids usually learn with falls and injuries. Hence, the fall height rate is a vital factor to consider while selecting a playground surface. In fact, many studies show that kids are more prone to injuries on surfaces with an increased fall height. So, to offer optimum protection to kids, it is recommended that the rate of fall height must be more than the actual height of the playground equipment.

  1. Durability of the Surface

Many children visit the playground daily. There are also many games and activities taking place every day. To conduct these play activities safely, a durable surface on the playground is a must. Opt for a supplier who can provide a premium quality surface material as it will increase the longevity of the playground.

  1. Warranty

While deciding to choose an appropriate surface, it is imperative to select the right material that comes with a warranty. Ensure that the manufacturer can guarantee that the material does get damaged by sun rays and the quality is not affected due to rain, dust, and pollutants. Choose a surface that comes with a long-term warranty.

  1. Maintenance

Opt for a surface material that is easy to clean and maintain. Kids will start playing various kinds of games, and the surface might get dirty. The most preferred and ideal surface for your playground is rubber surfacing. They can provide the best surface tension and durability on the playground. Check out our recent blog on the advantages of rubber flooring and why we recommend it for playgrounds.

We hope you have gained some insights from this article. The above-mentioned factors will surely help you in making a wise decision. If you are still unsure and need more information about playground surfaces, then feel free to connect with us. Our experts will help you through every step of the way!

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