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Why Creating Enabling Environments is Crucial for Child Development

Creating an enabling environment for kids must be the top priority for parents, schools, and caretakers. To create an enabling...
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Important Maintenance & Cleaning Tips for School Playgrounds

It is important for school administrators to review playground maintenance regularly with staff. This not only ensures child safety, but...
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4 Important Reasons to Get Back to the Playground

Due to the COVID pandemic, we have really understood the value of heading outdoors and outdoor play. Kids are now...
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Constructing a Playground for Toddlers: 5 Tips to Keep in Mind!

Playgrounds are an essential part of a child’s life, and playground equipment has a vital role in physical, emotional, social,...
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How Playground Equipment Helps with Motor Skill Development

Playgrounds are great for developing fine motor and gross skills in children. It is at playgrounds that kids have the...
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The Importance of Joy in Child Development

When you were a kid, do you remember entering the playground and how the whole world felt like it was...
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4 Ways to Spark Joy in Kids During COVID Times

2021 is proving to be a challenging year for many of us, more so for kids, as they can’t always...
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The Role of Play in the Mental Health of Children

There is a close link between the mental health of kids and play. As more and more parents and teachers...
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Creating a Playground for Visually Impaired Kids: 4 Steps to Keep in Mind

Children with disabilities shouldn’t be deprived of opportunities. This is why designing a playground for kids that are blind or...
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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Surface Material For Your Playground

Selecting a playground surface is not an easy task. It does involve research and understanding of how kids interact with...
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A Blast from the Past: Old vs New Playground Equipment

Today, playgrounds have changed significantly and are quite different from the ones you knew and loved as a kid. Playground...
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6 Different Types of Slides for an Enticing Playground

A playground is complete only with the combination of slides, swings, jungle gyms, and other play equipment. This improves the...
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Enjoy Breezy Workouts with this Outdoor Gym Equipment!

While many people enjoy exercising indoors, others prefer heading out to indulge in an efficient workout. However, due to the...
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Press Release

ArihantPLAY Wins the Economic Times Polymer Award Two Years in a Row!

ArihantPLAY wins the 2021 Economic Times Polymer Award for Excellence in Play Equipment for the ONGC Play System ArihantPLAY, India’s...
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What Is Associative Play & How it Can Benefit Your Kids?

As your kids grow, playing beside each other and other children will become a huge part of their world. For...
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A Comprehensive Guide to Playground Etiquette

While the playground is an awesome place for kids to play, make new friends, learn new skills, and burn off...
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Cooperative Play Benefits Playground Equipment Manufacturer

What is Cooperative Play & What are the Benefits?

Kids grow through various developmental stages, and each stage impacts how they communicate with people and the world around them....
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When Should You Consider Replacing Old Playground Equipment?

Wear and tear on commercial playground equipment could occur from overuse, weather, and age. The deterioration of equipment could lead...
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How to Introduce Risky Play Safely in Early Years

Are you a parent who lets fears get in the way of allowing your kids to get involved with the...
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