ArihantPLAY Wins the Economic Times Polymer Award Two Years in a Row!

ArihantPLAY wins the 2021 Economic Times Polymer Award for Excellence in Play Equipment for the ONGC Play System

ArihantPLAY, India’s leading playground equipment company, has won the Economic Times Polymer Award for the second time in two years. They won the award for the best play equipment in the SME segment – ONGC Play System. The award ceremony took place on March 25th, 2021, and the award was received by Jagat Parikh, the CEO of ArihantPLAY, and Mahesh Kotgire, the Vice President of ArihantPLAY.

The Economic Times Polymer Award is a prestigious annual event that certifies SME’s and large enterprises who have contributed to the polymer domain. The primary objective of the event is to acknowledge the innovations and breakthroughs that take place in the polymer segment. The applicants are evaluated on various aspects such as material selection, manufacturing process, design, and utility.

After winning last year, thanks to their interactive and all-inclusive garden equipment – The Enabling Maze, ArihantPLAY has been recognized this year for its design, creativity, and visually-attractive theme. The ONGC play system is installed in the Solar Yoga Park, a one-of-a-kind carbon-neutral landscape at Bandra, Reclamation. ArihantPLAY undertook this innovative project for ONGC to help them create a significant architecture in Mumbai.

Commenting on the award, Jagat Parikh emphasized the ONGC Play System’s innovation and design. “We are extremely pleased to win this award. We designed the play equipment for ONGC with the idea of creating a space that is not only about play but is also about engagement. We wanted to generate curiosity and educate people by telling a visual story. The ONGC play system is a visual delight with an engaging theme that aims to serve as an interactive play equipment. We at Arihant believe in creating thrilling experiences that deliver happiness, standing true to our mission of #CreatingHappyMoments.

Mahesh Kotgire said, ”When it comes to designing a playground, we like to look at it as a freedom of expression towards innovation. Our ONGC oil rig look-alike play structure is not just another play equipment. It is a larger-than-life interactive play station that aims to push the boundaries of themed storytelling. For us, this is the true meaning of Freedom Of Expression.”

About ArihantPLAY:

One of the largest play equipment organizations in India, ArihantPLAY has 35+ years of industry experience and boasts 2,50,000 installations worldwide. The company strives to come up with the most innovative designs and incorporate the most advanced technology and in its manufacturing process. Over the years, they have won several accolades and have gained recognition as pioneers in the play equipment industry.

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