ArihantPLAY Launches COVID Precautionary Products to Enhance Public Safety

ArihantPLAY, India’s leading manufacturers of play equipment, launch innovative and unique COVID precautionary products to limit the transmission of coronavirus.

Mumbai, India June 17th, 2020: 

Due to the current pandemic, there has been a rising need for products that can provide hands-free sanitization and promote social distancing. A team of experts from ArihantPLAY has designed and constructed COVID precautionary products that can effectively prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. These products include SAFEDrop, a hands-free sanitizer dropper, and SitSafe, a unique multi-seater bench. Both these products are ideal for parks, schools, hospitals, airports, banks, banks, government offices, private sectors, and other public places.

The Founder and Managing Director of ArihantPLAY, Mr. Rajan Shah said, “Currently, our primary focus is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the citizens of our nation. Even though the necessary steps are being taken to combat the virus, we fear that once the lockdown is lifted, the infection rates could spike up.” He further explains, “As public places are slowly starting to open, I believe, now is the perfect time to introduce COVID precautionary products and curb the spread of the virus.”

With social distancing and sanitization being the new norm, the precautionary products are designed with keeping public safety and convenience in mind. SAFEDrop is a sleek hand sanitizer dispenser that is constructed with a metal frame and has an extra layer of powder coating for added durability. It has a mechanical linked peddle at the bottom, that when pressed, dispenses the sanitizer. Moreover, this distinct system also aims towards saving a lot of water as well.

SitSafe, on the other hand, is a one-of-a-kind multi-seater beach that reinforces the concept of social distancing. Designed using high-grade material, these benches feature seatings at a distance of 1 meter in the same direction. This way people can sit comfortably at public places whilst paying heed to the current social distancing rules. The beaches have a capacity of four people and are coated with synthetic paint to prevent rust and corrosion.

About ArihantPLAY:

One of the largest play equipment companies in India, ArihantPLAY is backed with 35 years of industry experience and 2,50,000 global installations. The company’s primary focus has always been to incorporate the most advanced technology and innovative designs in their manufacturing process. Over the years, the company has won several accolades. One of the most recent awards being, The Economic Times Polymer Award 2020 for excellence in play equipment.

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