Advantages of Rubber Flooring & Why Its a Must-Have for Playgrounds

Rubber flooring is one of the most important materials on a children’s playground. It has various benefits associated with it that are no offered by other floor choices such as wood, granite, or tiles. Rubber flooring is widely preferred in school and community playgrounds because it is safe, cost-effective, durable, and offers sufficient protection to kids.

Let us look at some advantages of rubber flooring.

1) Safety

Rubber flooring is designed to be slip-resistant, and its safety properties don’t wear out over time. It is made to be adaptable to movement and is affect-resistant. This feature provides an additional cushion to mitigate the risk of injuries.

The soft texture also minimizes the risk of injuries from high falls. The slip-resistant feature is vital during rainy seasons or when the surface comes in contact with moisture. 

2) Attractive & Stylish

Rubber flooring for playgrounds is not only durable but stylish as well. It can be available in an extensive range of sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes. This makes it easier to tailor to the needs of the overall playground. Also, with the availability of unique designs and colors, you can provide the playground with a personal touch, making it attractive and entertaining for your little ones.

3) Sound-Absorbing

If you are planning to design and construct a playground near a housing vicinity or places that have a sound limit, rubber flooring can serve as an ideal choice. It can eliminate footstep sounds to quite some extent.

4) Durable & Cost-Effective

Rubber flooring is easy to install, cost less, and have a longer life. They are UV resistant and can maintain their performance for years to come. It does not matter how hard or frequently they are used. Due to this, it requires low maintenance, and its replacement cost is also considerably low. Rubber flooring surfaces are easy to clean. You only need basic floor cleaning liquid and water to get the job done. 

5) Comfortable & Designed for Kids

Rubber flooring is the perfect choice for preschool and school playgrounds since they are specially designed for toddlers and young kids. It can provide good protection to even a small child. Commercial playground equipment such as slides, swings, and climbers require more protection as they present the risk of falling.

Rubber flooring can cushion the fall, absorb the shock and prevent injuries to a great extent. They can also prevent injuries that result from tripping or falling while running. It can also give kids a sense of freedom to play instead of having the fear of injuries.

In conclusion, good-quality rubber flooring is a must for playgrounds as it can guarantee safe play and stand the test of time.

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