A Guide for Choosing Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment

Did you know that playground is an important part of your child’s growth and development right from infancy to teens? A playground is the place where a child learns how to interact with other children and the environment around them. However, not all playground equipment can be used by all children. That’s why it becomes vital to purchase playground equipment depending on the age group of the children using the playground. This helps in ensuring that the playground is accessible, safe, and fun for kids.

This article aims to help you choose age-appropriate playground equipment that encourages all-round development.

Playground Equipment for Infants and Toddlers (6-24 Months)

Infants use their senses to explore and have a better understanding of their environment. They crawl, stand and exert themselves on the floor until they learn how to walk. This is where the playgrounds come in. They play an essential role in the initial growth stages of a toddler as they help develop their senses and motor skills.

Choose equipment that toddlers can easily crawl around, over and through. Equipment should be accessible at their height level and must be within their reach. Moreover, space between each equipment piece must be safe and smooth for infants to crawl and walk.

Some suitable playground equipment for ages 6-24 months:

  •  Ramps
  • Swings with full bucket seats
  • Climbing equipment that is 32 inches high
  • Spring rockers

Playground Equipment for Preschool Children (2-5 years)

Children in preschool have a thrill for exploring areas and find it adventurous to learn and interact with the playground equipment. They are captivated by the wonders of the playground. They are at a stage where their bodies are slowly getting developed and their imagination is getting more vivid.

Opt for playground equipment that fosters their imagination and helps their bodies get stronger. Consider equipment that provides plentiful options to run, climb and slide as they are more popular in the 2-5-year age bracket.

Some suitable playground equipment for ages 2-5 years:

  •  Rung ladders
  • Stairways
  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Spiral slides up to 360°
  • Horizontal ladders

Playground Equipment for School Children (5-12 Years)

Kids aged between 5-12 years are learning skills quickly. It is during this time that they are developing their strength and motor skills. They also learn how to socialize and become more elaborate with their games on a playground.

Choose playground equipment that encourages various forms of play and challenges them to grow their motor and thinking skills. For instance, design equipment that helps them use their body and imagination to discover new ways to climb, swing and twirl. Keep in mind to design a playground with enough space for climbing structures, swings and other playground equipment. This will ensure that kids have enough turns to play and will avoid a sense of over-crowdedness.

Some suitable playground equipment for ages 5-12 years:

  • Seesaws
  • Merry-go-rounds
  • Vertical sliding poles
  • Arch climber
  • Slides
  • Ladders – Horizontal, Rung, and Step

Opting for playground equipment that caters to the above-mentioned ages will be beneficial to your residential complex, resident families, and the entire community. It will make your playground a go-to place for parent-child time and provide a challenging and fun place for children at each developmental stage.

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