A Blast from the Past: Old vs New Playground Equipment

Today, playgrounds have changed significantly and are quite different from the ones you knew and loved as a kid. Playground equipment has evolved quite a lot since its inception, but they’re not entirely new. Many similar elements from your childhood are still present for your children – just in a different, safer way.

What’s more, today’s generation has more access to a vast variety of equipment than you did, some of which are more educational and inclusive.

In this blog, we’ll discuss how playground equipment has evolved and what that means for the play spaces in your school or community. Let us begin by walking down memory lane and revisiting some old playground equipment.

Old playground equipment had plenty of thrills, but you also knew misusing them could lead to injury. Do you remember these popular vintage playground equipment?

  • Metal slides: This older version of slides was tall, terrifying, and often resulted in bruises. They also got hot in the sun, making them uncomfortable to use for a long period during the day. However, children loved the speed and thrill that came from these slides.
  • Witch’s hats: A witch’s hat is a cone-shaped swing that was balanced from a metal pole. It spun riders around at fast speed and was deemed unsafe due to several injuries. It has all but disappeared from playgrounds. However, it gave children plenty of thrills in the last century.
  •  Sandboxes: Many playgrounds had areas where kids could play in a shallow pit of sand. However, these sandboxes were a breeding ground for yeast, bacteria, and mold. Also, kids also ran the risk of coming into contact with fecal matter from animals and parasites.
  • Seesaws: A playground staple for many, the older version of the seesaw was the source of many injuries. These bars could lift them high enough to fall and get hurt or even hit an unsuspecting child. These older versions are less common now and are only found in old playgrounds that are not well maintained.

Let us now look at how some of these iconic favorites have transformed over the years:

  • Surfaces: Playground surfaces prevent injuries by cushioning the fall of the kids while they are playing. Several materials are used for surfaces. However, rubber playground surfaces are widely preferred since they are durable, long-lasting, and can effectively protect kids from injuries.

Check out the many advantages rubber flooring can offer by reading our latest article.

  • Dome climbers: Modern dome climbers are made of safe plastic materials with better reinforcements and padding. They are similar to old models but are updated to offer better safety.
  • Slides: Modern slides are made of durable plastic, which allows for various options in terms of color and design. Kids nowadays have the option to ride extra-wide slides, dual wave slides, rolling tube slides, and many more.
  • Merry-go-round: Today, merry-go-rounds are often built upon rubber flooring and are more enclosed and inclusive. This reduces the risk of children falling off without removing the thrill of the spin.
  • Monkey bars: The newer monkey bars are built in such a way, that they are lower to the ground compared to traditional ones.
  • Seesaws: Modern, safer versions of seesaws are large plastic versions that sit quite lower to the ground. The designs don’t a have high-swinging bar compared to old versions of seesaws.

Many of us hold fond memories of older versions of playground equipment. However, they were riskier than we realized. Thankfully, the latest versions of your favorite play equipment still exist. They are the ones that prioritize safety and allow children to experience thrill and fun.

We hope you have gained valuable insights from this article. If you are planning to install playground equipment in your home, school, or community, get in touch with us today. At Arihant Play, our equipment is designed to bring the thrill back into outdoor spaces. So if your playground needs attractive slides, swings, jungle gyms, seesaws, and much more, check out the wide variety of structures we offer.

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