6 Things To Do With Kids Now That We’re All Stuck At Home

Being stuck with your kids at home for long durations of time can be challenging. Especially when they are filled with energy and desire to be entertained almost 24/7! To add to the dilemma, it’s summertime and your kids would be having a fun time playing outside with their friends if it weren’t for the outbreak of Corona virus.

However, as parents, you must understand that your kids have never experienced anything like this before. They are just as worried as you are. So don’t be surprised if you notice an increase in behavior issues such as anxiety, throwing tantrums and protest. At times like these, you must understand that this is normal and expected. What your kids need right now is to be comforted and feel loved.

To help you make the most of your time at home with kids, we have rounded up some fun-filled activities. You won’t need any fancy stuff either. A quick look around the house and you will find all the supplies to entertain the little ones.

Create Blanket Forts

Your kids will love creating blanket forts with you. Just throw a flat sheet over your dinner table and voila, you have an indoor tent! Bring in some pillows, hot chocolate, flashlights, and storybooks and you have got yourself a picnic.

Play Board Games

This is the perfect time to remember our offline friends like snakes and ladders, puzzles, ludo, scrabble, monopoly, and chess. Board games have always been the traditional go-to indoor activity. Not only are they fun but they can also develop your kid’s mental ability. Truly a win-win for both parents and children!

Bake Goodies

Baking can be an enjoyable go-to activity when stuck indoors as it can teach your kids that preparing food is just as fun as eating. Bake a cake together and let them customize with candy. Experiment with chocolate, oatmeal and peanut butter to bake some tasty cookies. The options to be creative are truly endless!

Do a Scavenger Hunt

Another great way to have your creative juices flowing is by having your children embark on a home-based scavenger. It’s not too much of a hassle either. You can craft and paste clues on basic household items and hide treats along the route of the hunt.

Organize a Fancy Dress Contest

Many kids naturally get a kick out of experimenting with their parent’s clothes and accessories. So why not have a fancy dress contest, where kids can put up an improvised show, get creative with clothes and take their performance to the next level.

Build, Draw and Craft Together

One of the easiest and productive options is to simply draw, paint, build legos and craft something out of wastes. You can begin by opening up your kid’s coloring and painting books and even create simple thumbprint art. Look around for some waste products and craft buildings, people and tools. You can also use the Lego set to build a whole miniature world. Seeing these creations through completion will not only build perseverance in your kids but will also develop their problem solving and motor skills.

During these challenging times, look at staying indoors as an amazing opportunity to bond with your kids. Just remember that more than anything in the world, your kids simply crave for your attention. By following the above activities, you will make them feel loved, help them develop certain skills and create beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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