6 Essentials For Creating An Adorable Outdoor Play Space

There are multiple great reasons to encourage children to play outdoors. Along with the mental and physical health benefits that are well documented, outdoor play has the potential to improve communication, social, and creative skills. Also, due to the pace of our modern-day lives and the excessive use of screens, it is even more important to prioritize outdoor play and encourage your kids to lead an active lifestyle.

One excellent way to spark an interest in the outdoors is by creating an outdoor play space that will have them begging to play outside.

Let us quickly run through six essentials for creating an adorable outdoor play area for kids.

1) Active Play

Kids love having more space to jump, run, hop, skip, and move. Resources such as toys and playground equipment offer children the freedom and encouragement to move and stay physically active.

When it comes to choosing resources for active play, think of what would excite them to get moving. The toys and equipment can range from a swing, slide, or consist of something simple such as skipping ropes, hoops, and cycles.

Some ideal options are:

  • Climbing: Climbing domes, rock climbers, bridge ladders, jungle gyms
  • Sliding: Spiral slides, wave slides, double roller slides
  • Hopping: Hopper ball, pogo stick, or a hopscotch mat
  • Pushing and Pulling: Merry-go-rounds, seesaws
  • Jumping: Hula hoops, trampoline, skipping rope
  • Swinging: Circular swings, double swings
  • Balancing: Balance pods, balance ball, kid’s scooter, cycle
  • Throwing and Catching: Frisbee, beach balls

 2) Sensory Play

Sensory play us all about getting children engaged with experiences that have the potential to develop the five senses. It can greatly enhance neural connections and support early-age brain development.

You can start by creating a space for water, sand, mud, or invest in sandboxes, mud pits, or small tubs. Also, feel free to think outside the box for extending the outdoor sensory experience. You can do that by adding some of the following:

  • Pebbles
  • Grassy surfaces
  • Seashells
  • Safe flowering plants
  • Herbs
  • A leaf pile
  • Seedpods

3) Creative Play

Creative play can involve a wide range of activities such as drawing, dancing, problem-solving games, building challenges such as lego, learning a musical instrument, and various other forms of art experiences.

You can also consider permanent fixtures such as outdoor chalkboards or a music wall. However, you can also take indoor resources to your backyard, and it would work just fine.

4) Imaginative Play 

Imaginative play is quite similar to creative play. However, there are no restrictions and rules involved. As the name suggests, the only need here is to have a vivid imagination, which children are naturally born with. Imaginative play can also known be as pretend play, where the opportunity for creativity is truly endless.

Kids can pretend to be whoever they want. From a chef to a pirate, doctor, or an astronaut. Also, any object, from a piece of clothing, blankets, or cardboard boxes has the potential to be a fort, ship, or superhero outfit. So you don’t have to purchase anything. Everyday household items will get the job done.

5) Quiet Play & Secret Spaces

A secret play space can act as an exciting hideaway from the rest of the world and can provide your kids with a lot of comfort and security. Your children’s secret space can range from any of the following:

  • Treehouse
  • Hammock beneath the trees
  • Sunflower grove
  • Bean hut
  • Play tents
  • Pair of large umbrellas

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this blog. By implementing the above-mentioned ideas you can create a lovely outdoor play space for your kids to play, enjoy, and create beautiful memories.

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