6 Different Types of Slides for an Enticing Playground

7 Different Types of Slides for an Enticing Playground

A playground is complete only with the combination of slides, swings, jungle gyms, and other play equipment. This improves the value of the playground and makes it worth its recreation value. Slides are a great addition to the playground and kids love getting on them. Kids of various age groups can use slides and they also aid in the physical development of kids.

There are many different varieties of slides, depending on their construction, shape, and material types. Let us look at 6 different types of slides that are commonly found on the playground.

1) Straight Slides

These are some of the most traditional and common types of slides on the playground. The slide features a chute that moves downwards making an angle that is straight-lined. There are no turns, curves, waves in these slides. The chute angle depends on the design and the age group. For school kids, the average inclination can be around 30 degrees and for toddlers, it is up to 24 degrees.

2) Curved Slides

The primary difference between curved and straight slides is that curved slides have more twists and turns. This offers more excitement and fun. These slides are usually available in two shapes, i.e. J-shaped and L-shaped. The J-shaped slides have a turn angle of 180 degrees, whereas the L-shaped turn at a 90-degree angle.

3) Spiral Slides

The spiral slide is another thrilling slide that has even more twists and turns. These slides have curves and down slides till the exit. Kids can have a 360-degree experience with these slides. For toddlers, it is recommended to have a slide of shorter length and only a single 360-degree turn.

4) Plastic Slides

When to comes to material difference, plastic slides are quite popular. Most of the slides are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that is the common plastic type preferred for the construction of these types of slides. Plastic slides are also durable, rust-resistant, and weather-resistant.

5) Standalone Slides

As the name suggests, standalone slides are not part of any playground equipment. They require access to the slide platform and come in various sizes. The slide platform can either be stair sets or a ladder. 

6) Component Slides

Component slides are usually built as a part of a huge playground equipment theme. Kids can have access to the component slide from other parts of the playground equipment. These types of slides end up consuming less space compared to standalone slides.

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