5 Exciting Team-Building Activities for Kids Once Schools Reopen

Team-building activities and games for children are an excellent way to help them learn how to communicate, think creatively, listen carefully, and work together to achieve the goal. They also provide kids with an opportunity to develop friendships, trust, and, most of all, have fun!

Once the pandemic situation settles, many schools and playgrounds will slowly reopen. These team-building activities will serve as fun icebreakers when kids come back to school.

However, it’s not always easy to convince kids to participate in team activities, especially after this long period of isolation. By creating an inviting space and being gentle with them, you can persuade them to give it a shot. Also, keep in mind to follow COVID safety guidelines before planning teamwork activities.

Listed below are some exciting team-building activities for kids.

1) Birthday Line Up

This fun activity involves getting kids lined up in order of their birthdays. To play this game, you will first need to set a timer of 5 minutes. Before the timer starts, you need to tell kids that they need to know the birthdays of all children involved and line up in order, under 5 minutes. Once the time starts, kids need to quickly interact with one another to know who goes in front of whom.

To make it challenging and fun, you can tell kids to complete this task without speaking and only using hand gestures.

2) Hula-Hoop Pass

This fun activity can help with coordinating, strategizing, and listening skills. Have kids stand in a large circle. Rest a Hula-Hoop on one of the kid’s arm and have them join hands with the kid next to them. Now ask other kids to close up the circle by joining hands.

The objective is to pass the Hula-Hoop around the circle without breaking the circle. Kids have to learn out how to maneuver through the hoop to pass it on.

3) Tug of War

This classic game is an extremely fun activity that will keep the children active and laughing throughout the game. All you need is a rope, and the longer it is, the better. Start by splitting the children evenly on either side. Find a spacious spot on the playground, use white chalk to draw the middle line, and let the wars begin.

Also, this game works best with the smaller players towards the middle and the stronger ones at the end.

4) Get to Know You Balloons

Provide each kid with a piece of paper and an empty balloon. Now ask them to write inquisitive questions on the paper, for instance, how many siblings do you have? What’s your favorite animal? What fun things did you indulge in while at home? Next, tell them to put their question paper in the balloon, blow it up and tie its end.

When everyone is done with blowing up their balloons, huddle them together, and on your signal, tell them to throw their balloons in the air. Let them bat the balloons with their hands for a few minutes. Then tell each kid to grab one balloon and get seated. Once that is done, have them pop their balloon and hold the paper. Now it’s time for each one to read the question and answer them.

5) Mingle, Mingle Groups

This is another engaging social activity that will encourage children to mix up. Kids start by saying the words “mingle, mingle” in a soft voice. You then need to call out a group size, for instance, groups of four. Kids must then break into groups of that specific size and quickly get to know each other by asking basic questions. The goal here is to form different groups each time you call out a group size.

We hope you have gained some valuable insights from this blog. By implementing the above-mentioned ideas, you can create a lovely outdoor space for your kids to play, enjoy, and create beautiful memories.

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