For a child, there is nothing more exciting than a trip to the playground. It is at playgrounds where kids have the opportunity to make new friends, interact with play equipment, develop new skills, learn about the world and simply have a blast.

However, the trip to the playground can quickly turn disastrous if the play equipment is not safe to use. In fact, each year, almost 200,000 kids are prone to injuries on public and private playground equipment. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. Safety can be ensured with basic precautions and knowledge about playground equipment.

Keeping this in mind, we bring to you a 2-part series that will cover key components to remember when thinking about the vital features of safe play equipment.

In the first part of the series, we will cover three key considerations.

  • What Material Is the Play Equipment Made Of?
  • How Is It Being Installed
  • What Surface Is It Placed On?

1) What Material Is It Made Of?

Playground sets are commonly constructed with either metal, plastic, wood, or a combination of two materials. For instance, swings or slides are made of high-density plastic and have handhold bars that are usually made of metal.

Metal play equipment is constructed from steel. They have a powder-coated finish to protect against heat retention and rust. However, in the long run, it could be subjected to rust if not properly maintained. This could cause safety issues. Also, metal play equipment can heat up quickly and cause discomfort and burns.

Play equipment made from wood stays relatively cool during the summer season and will never rust. They are also more heavy-duty and can support the weight of many kids in a group. However, they need quite a bit of upkeep and could be subjected to rot and insect infestations. They are also difficult to assemble and install due to being heavy.

Play equipment made from plastic or a combination of plastic and metals is your best bet. Visually, they are more appealing and are extremely easy to install due to plastics’ lightweight properties. Plastic play equipment is also extremely durable and will not deteriorate over a period of time. They require minimal upkeep and are available in a variety of different colors. They are also resistant to fungus, pests, and rust.

2) How Is It Being Installed

The most vital aspect of playground safety is the proper installation of play equipment. Even with the appropriate material, playground equipment can be unsafe if put together incorrectly. If they are not correctly installed, it can lead to various kinds of health hazards and safety issues for kids.

For instance, when kids are playing, pieces of the equipment can fall apart. Kids could also be exposed to sharp ends that might be sticking out. If playsets aren’t anchored correctly, they can even tip over. It’s best to opt for reputed playground equipment manufacturers or suppliers. They will ensure you receive a professional installation service.

At ArihantPLAY, we have 35+ years of industry experience in providing and installing playground equipment. We have 2,50,000 installations worldwide and are known for manufacturing innovative, and exciting playground equipment that adheres to all safety regulations. 

3) What Surface Is It Placed On?

By keeping the above tips in mind, you will make the playset only 80% safe. To go all the way, you need to ensure that kids don’t slip and fall while using the play equipment. Hence, it is vital that you install playground equipment over a soft surface. Flooring surface is often overlooked, but it plays a critical role in the well-being and safety of kids.

There are few surfaces that you should completely avoid installing playground equipment on. For instance, don’t install on concrete surfaces or asphalt. If kids fall while playing on these, it could lead to serious injuries. The grass surface is a better option, as it is soft. However, it’s still not the best choice. The reason being, grass will start wearing away over time and the dirt underneath will start becoming hard. This means less protection and cushioning.

Your best option would be installing rubber flooring. They are soft and can easily cushion the fall. They can also absorb the impact of the shock and prevent serious injuries while playing. Moreover, they are durable, UV-resistant, sound-absorbing and require minimum to no maintenance. Kids can also play freely without the fear of injuries.

We hope you have gained valuable insights from this article. If you’re looking to purchase high-quality playground equipment for your community playground, school, residential area, or home backyard, look no further than ArihantPLAY. We feature a wide range of commercial playground equipment that offers optimum safety and is visually thrilling. Feel free to connect with us if you want to explore our range of products or have any further queries.

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